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Beoming a mobile beauty therapist

Becoming a Mobile Beauty Therapist

There comes a time in any professionals career when they are looking to take the next step. For many beauty therapists working in a beauty salon, will mean becoming self-employed and working for themselves.

Waxing and hair removal

Want to know more about waxing?

The benefits of choosing a professional waxing therapist over attempting to do your waxing treatments yourself. A professional wax just can't be beaten.

Eyelash extensions

Which eyelash extensions should I choose?

The ideal eyelash extension is different for everyone. Which eyelash effect is the right one for you?

Self-care and massage at home

Tips For Home Self-care and Wellbeing

During 'normal' times it's a lovely thought to arrange a spa day or go and get your hair done, but during Covid-19, with the message that staying at home is best, what can you do?