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Summertime in Edinburgh

Things To Do In Edinburgh This Summer

We take a look at some things that Edinburgh has to offer in the summertime. Edinburgh offers so much choice whatever the weather.

Leg wax by waxing therapist

DIY Beauty Treatments or Beauty Salon

Should you head to a salon for professional treatment, or can you achieve similar results DIY? Let's delve deeper into the pros and cons of each option.

Edinburgh date night ideas

Unforgettable Date Ideas in Edinburgh

There's no shortage of romantic experiences to be found in Scotland's capital. We’ve got the best selection of date ideas in Edinburgh.

Man receiving regular massage treatment

Benefits Of Regular Massage Treatments

Once seen as a luxury, massage treatments offer a whole host of benefits that extend far beyond just feeling good.

Mobile Therapist performing an massage in a clients home

What To Expect From A Mobile Massage Treatment

The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Massage Treatments: Bringing Relaxation to Your Doorstep

Ladies at a Spa in Edinburgh

Best Places for a Spa Day in Edinburgh

There are few better ways to spend a day than by being pampered from head to toe at a spa, Discover some of Edinburgh's Top Spa Retreats.

Tanning Safely

Essential Tips to Avoid and Treat Sunburn This Summer

To help you enjoy a sun-kissed summer while keeping your skin safe, we have gathered some essential tips for preventing and treating sunburn.

Group Bookings, Wedding Events, Pamper Parties

Introducing The LCT Ambassador Programme

Our Give £10 Get £10 Ambassador Programme is here to revolutionise the way you indulge in beauty while rewarding you generously for your enthusiasm.

North Bridge and The Scotsman Hotel in Edinburgh

Discover Edinburgh's Top 10 Hotels with Exceptional Concierge Services 2024

To truly immerse yourself in the amazing city of Edinburgh, finding accommodation with a dedicated concierge service can elevate your stay to unparalleled levels of convenience and luxury.

Beauty Salon in Edinburgh

Top 10 Beauty Salons in Edinburgh 2023

Edinburgh is home to some of the best beauty salons in the UK. Whether you are looking for a relaxing massage, a pampering facial, or a stylish manicure, Edinburgh has got you covered.

Debbie, Ellen and the Forth Bridges

Beauty Treatments for Busy Mums

As a busy mum, taking care of yourself can be a challenge. Between taking care of your children, working and running errands, finding time to fit in beauty appointments can seem impossible.

Woman drinking water after a massage

After Your Massage

The benefits of massage don't stop when your appointment ends. Find out why Aftercare is an essential part of your massage experience and can help to add to the benefits of your treatment.

Sporty woman with neck and back pain

Can A Sports Massage Help You?

Sports massage is a therapeutic technique that utilizes deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and other manual therapy techniques to improve athletic performance, prevent injury, and aid in recovery.

Pregnant woman having a massage

Pregnancy Massage: A Hit or a Miss?

Throughout pregnancy, you might have heard women raving about how relaxing and mesmerizing the pregnancy massage is. However, the concern for the safety of the baby and mother becomes the worry. Let's determine whether it's a hit or a miss.

Woman having eyelash extensions

A Simple Guide To Eyelash Extensions

Without a doubt, eyelash extensions are guaranteed to make your life ten times easier, but here’s the catch; they are very high maintenance. If a proper after-care routine is carried out, it can easily last up to six weeks.

Woman with laminated eyebrows

What Is Brow Lamination?

Brow lamination, also known as brow lift, is a semi-permanent procedure that provides a more defined and fuller look to the eyebrows. It's similar to the lash lift procedure and is completely harmless.

Before and after spray tan

Reasons Why Sun Tanning Is Harmful To Your Health

Luscious brown skin has been the hottest trend in the beauty industry since the 1900s however not many people were aware of the harmful side effects of sun tanning.

Waxing and hair removal

Waxing or Shaving; What's Better?

Let's be honest; everyone dreads going to a waxing appointment, yet most of us book ourselves a waxing session every month. Why? I guess it's because of the ease it brings into our lives. What else could be the reason?

Waxing and hair removal

Want to know more about waxing?

The benefits of choosing a professional waxing therapist over attempting to do your waxing treatments yourself. A professional wax just can't be beaten.

Eyelash extensions

Which eyelash extensions should I choose?

The ideal eyelash extension is different for everyone. Which eyelash effect is the right one for you?

Self-care and massage at home

Tips For Home Self-care and Wellbeing

During 'normal' times it's a lovely thought to arrange a spa day or go and get your hair done, but during Covid-19, with the message that staying at home is best, what can you do?

Becoming a mobile beauty therapist

Becoming a Mobile Beauty Therapist

There comes a time in any professionals career when they are looking to take the next step. For many beauty therapists working in a beauty salon, will mean becoming self-employed and working for themselves.