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Ladies, Gents and Children's Hairdressing

We select highly experienced independent hairdressers, hairstylists, and barbers who can cater to the whole family. Ladies, gents and children's haircuts and styling, blow drys and male grooming services.

Whether you're looking for a hairdresser in Edinburgh or a hairdresser in Newcastle, you can choose from a selection of quality salon-grade hairdressers to fit in around your busy schedule. Our booking system enables you to quickly find availability, view profiles and reviews for the available hairdressers near you.

No queues or parking to deal with, just book online and your hairdresser will deliver salon services to your door.

Mobile hairdresser cutting ladies hair

Ladies Hairdressing

Salon-grade hairstylists for ladies haircutting & styling with well-experienced, professional hairdresser’s helping you achieve your perfect style. Well-experienced hairdresser’s offering salon-quality hair services in your home. Perfect for your usual trim or a full restyle, a last all day bouncy blow dry or an intricate hair-up for a special night out or occasion. We have options to suit.

Prices from.. £37
Gents Haircut

Gent's Hairdressing

All barbers are highly skilled and experienced, ready to cut and style your hair, to achieve the look you want. Whether it's a simple cut, full restyle, or a male grooming package, you will find a barber to cater to you.

Prices from.. £23
Kids Hair Cut and Styling

Children's Hairdressing

Experienced children’s hairstylists offer children's haircuts, blow drys and styling for children of all ages. From a toddler cut to an older child's re-style.

Prices from.. £10
Woman receiving an Up-Do


For a special occasion, you may have some photos for inspiration, we can give you your perfect look.

Prices from.. £45
Hair Colouring Services

Hair Colouring

Professional hair colouring services - full-head colour, highlights and Balayage. Find a mobile hair colourist who will consult, advise and help you achieve your perfect hair colour.

A Patch Test is required before all hair colouring services. 

Prices from.. £45

The Benefits of Hairdressing at Home

Professional Hairdressing at home is wonderful as it means you don’t need to worry about having the dash to the hairdressers with ‘not done’ hair or getting caught in the rain with your freshly styled locks. Not everyone loves sitting in front of a mirror the whole time so you don’t have to! Your home becomes a salon so you can step out of your front door looking great. No childcare is needed, you can even choose to get your child's hair done at the same time making it all too easy. 

What to expect

Your hairdresser will arrive at your appointment time and bring their full kit including professional colouring & styling products to give you a salon standard hair appointment. You can see the length of time to expect it to take when booking your appointment. 

A consultation will be completed prior to getting started that will allow you to discuss styles and show your hairdresser any photos that you have.

How to prepare

Your hairdresser will bring everything they need to give you a professional hairdressing service. It’s a good idea to prepare a room with good lighting, have a chair and optional mirror and somewhere your hairdresser can put their kit. For a colour service we advise that you wash your hair the day before, for a haircut we advise having dry hair for your hairdresser arriving, for a blowdry you can wash your hair just before your appointment and for an up-do, it’s best to wash your hair the day before.

After your hairdressing appointment

When your hairdresser has finished, they will leave at the expected end time of your booking.  Don’t worry about there being a mess after your appointment, your hairdresser will have something to help catch all hair and products to make sure they leave your home as they found it.

What Our Customers Say

Price List

Ladies Cut and Natural Blow Dry

Ladies cut and natural blow-dry by a salon-grade hairdresser

45 minutes £37.00

Ladies Cut and Bespoke Blow Dry

A cut and bespoke blowdry with expert hairdresser's completed by styling your hair with straighteners for added smoothness or tongs for extra curl.

1 hour £50.00

Ladies Restyle cut & Blow-dry

A ladies restyle haircut and blow-dry. A great option if you are opting for something different from what you currently have. Straighteners or tongs may be used to help to style your new look if needed.

1 hour £50.00

Natural Blow dry

A blow-dry done well can give you great hair for days! Very experienced hairstylists will blow dry your hair to your preference.

30 minutes £24.00

Bespoke Blow Dry

A blowdry done well can give you great hair for day's! Ideal option if you are after additional hairstyling with the use of tongs, curlers or straighteners or for adding a bit of an up-do or accessories. perfect for big and bouncy or extra sleek styling with long lasting results..

45 minutes £37.00


Modern or classic 'hair-up' styling, our experienced hairstylists offer special occasion hair, or any time braids, buns & perfectly sleek ponytails, as simple or intricate as you prefer

1 hour £45.00

Colour consultation and patch test

Discuss colour options with your hairdresser which is essential for gaining your desired look, a patch test will be done at the same time to ensure a safe service.

10 minutes £1.00

1/2 head highlights /lowlights

1/2 head highlights done using foils for beautiful results.

1 hour 30 minutes £67.00

Full head highlights/lowlights

Full head of highlights using foils for beautiful results.

2 hours £89.00

1/2 head balayage

1/2 head balayage using freehand techniques for beautiful results,

1 hour 30 minutes £67.00

Full head balayage

Full head balayage. Please book a colour consultation and patch test at least 48 hours before having this colour service, both need to be done by the same hairdresser.

2 hours £89.00


Recommended addition for every colour service 'topcoat for your hair' and works to emphasise or de- emphasise certain tones in your hair, as well as add shine.

20 minutes £20.00

Colour Semi/Permanent Roots

Permanent or semi permanent colour application, perfectly hiding greys or for finding the beautiful shade you have in mind

1 hour 15 minutes £45.00

Colour Semi/Permanent Full length

Permanent or semi permanent colour application, perfectly hiding greys or for finding the beautiful shade you have in mind

1 hour 45 minutes £60.00

Gents haircut

Gents Haircut by well experienced salon-grade hairstylists and barber's

30 minutes £23.00

Gents fade Haircut

A gents fade haircut.

45 minutes £30.00

Gents full restyle

Perfect if your hair hasn't had much attention recently by very experienced hairdresser's and barber's

1 hour £40.00

Beard Trim

A beard trim to neaten strays and tidy up around the mouth with well experienced barber's

15 minutes £15.00

Beard trim and finish

A beard trim to neaten strays and tidy around the mouth and shave the cheek and neck.

30 minutes £23.00

Child Cut under 2 years

Child classic haircut for up to 2 year old

15 minutes £10.00

Girls cut and blowdry 2 - 13 years

A girls haircut and blowdry for 2 - 13 year old

30 minutes £18.00

Girls up-do up to 13 years

A child 'hair-up' ideal for special occasion & parties including braids, buns, ponytails or accessories.

45 minutes £25.00

Boys haircut 2 - 13 years

A boys haircut for 2 - 13 year old

30 minutes £18.00

Frequently asked questions

How long will my hairdressing appointment take?

You can view the timings for all of our hair services on our price list on the website, or when booking your appointment. 

Should I wash my hair prior to the appointment?

Our hairdressing at home service is a great option for busy people who also want great service, however, we will need you to take a minute to do your own hair washing for us. For haircutting, hairdresser's would like to see your dry unwashed hair first, for a blow-dry it's best to have freshly washed hair for your hairdresser to arrive. If you are having an up-do, it's best to have day-old hair washed the previous day, which is also best for gent's haircutting too.

Can I book a specific mobile hairdresser?

Yes, of course. When you choose the hair service you would like to book, you can view profiles and reviews of the hairdresser's who can offer the services you would like, and you can select which hairdresser you prefer.

Will there be a mess to tidy afterwards?

No, don't worry, your hairdresser will use a plastic sheet on the floor to catch hair and remove it afterwards, leaving no mess at all.

What products do the hairdresser’s use?

Hairdressers will use professional brands, you can view this information on their portfolio when choosing which hairdresser to book.

What preparations do you have in place for managing Covid-19?

We are very conscious of the importance of keeping both our clients and beauty professionals as safe as possible during the Coronavirus epidemic. We have put together a series of guidelines to ensure that all parties feel comfortable and safe during their appointment.

View our Covid-19 Guidelines page for more details.

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