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The skin on your face should be well-treated if you want it to look its best, and facials give your complexion a boost. So many things in everyday life can affect how our skin looks and acts, and having a regular facial can help minimise or even prevent common skin concerns and help you achieve your best skin. Always deep-cleansing, but can also be tailor-made to be extra hydrating, anti-ageing or help control oil shine and congestion and blocked or open pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Facials are often used instead of or as well as massage as they can be a very relaxing experience.

Maintaining a glowing complexion has never been easier. Our beauty therapists can be booked last minute and use professional products, like Elemis, Neal's Yard Remedies & Dermalogica, suited to your skin type.

Whether you're looking to book an Edinburgh Facial Treatment or a Spa Facial in Newcastle, why not let a Little City Treat Beauty Therapist come to you. Our booking system enables you to quickly find availability, view profiles and reviews for the available therapists near you.

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Woman having a classic facial

Classic Facial

A tailor-made facial for your skin type that will help to boost circulation and restore a healthy and clear complexion to your skin.

Prices from..£42
Facial Treatments at Home

Pure Bliss Facial

A 90-minute facial treatment that includes a Classic Facial along with a relaxing back massage.

Prices from..£72
Woman having an anti-ageing facial

Anti-age Facial

The anti-ageing facial renews brightness and skin texture, using more active skincare, 60-minute or 90-minute Pure Bliss option which includes a relaxing back massage.

Prices from..£66

The Benefits Of A Professional Facial Treatment At Home

Having a facial treatment at home is wonderful as it means there is no rushing to get to your appointment and you are able to enjoy already being in your own space after your treatment.

Professional facial treatment in your home removes the need to put make-up on to go out only to have it removed again to start your treatment, saving you unnecessary time and effort.

What to expect from your facial at home

Facial therapists will use high quality recognised brands of skincare, access to your face neck and chest/decolletage area, all facials include a deep cleanse, exfoliation, massage and mask all done with skincare suited to your skin type.

How to prepare for your facial

Your beauty therapist will bring clean towels and a treatment bed. It’s a good idea to prepare a room that is warm and relaxing and has enough room for a treatment bed roughly 6ft x 2ft and somewhere your therapist can put their kit.

After Your Facial Treatment

After a facial, it is advised not to wear makeup for the rest of the day so you could relax at home from the moment your facial has finished and let your skin gain more benefit from the final application of nourishing oils and moisturisers.

Facial Treatments
Price List

Mini Classic Facial

A facial pick me up. Includes thorough cleanse, exfoliation and mask to suit your skin type. Therapists use great brands like neilsyardremedies, Arbonne & Ellemis.

treatment duration30 minutes£30.00

Classic Facial

A bespoke facial treatment tailored to your skin type, The perfect way to relax, boost and rejuvenate the skin. Regular facials improve the texture and condition of skin, as well as muscle tone and circulation.

treatment duration1 hour £54.00

Pure Bliss Classic Facial

The ultimate luxury of a full back, neck and shoulder massage followed by a classic facial leaving you feeling relaxed and glowing.

treatment duration1 hour 30 minutes£72.00

Anti-Age Skin Correcting Facial

A facial to help improve the elasticity of the skin and reduce the sign's of ageing. Renews, brightness and improves skin texture, using more active skincare, encourages the skin to look and act more youthful.

treatment duration1 hour £66.00

Pure Bliss Anti-Age Skin Correcting Facial

The ultimate luxury of a full back, neck and shoulder massage followed by An Anti-Ageing Skin Correcting Facial. Leaving you feeling relaxed and glowing.

treatment duration1 hour 30 minutes£84.00

Frequently asked questions

What skincare brands do you use?

Beauty therapists use their own preferred brand. You can view this on the therapist profile at the time of choosing a therapist when booking an appointment.

How should I prepare for my facial?

To get the most from your facial treatment we recommend using somewhere private and warm with enough room to fit a massage bed 6ft by 2ft, your therapist will provide everything that is required for this treatment but will need access to the water supply.

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