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Spray Tanning at Home

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Whether you're after a subtle golden glow or looking to be darkly bronzed to perfection, you can choose a tone that works for you. Our beauty therapists choose their own high-quality tanning brands to work with. 

Book with Little City Treat and have the spray tan of your choice, at late notice, and in the comfort of your own home. Your therapist will come with a tent and spray machine to ensure your surroundings stay clean and your tan is applied quickly but perfectly even and natural-looking.

Whether you're looking to book a Newcastle Tanning Salon or a Tanning Salon in Edinburgh, save time and let a Little City Treat Beauty Therapist come to you. Our booking system lets you quickly find availability, and view profiles and reviews for the available therapists near you.

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Professional spray tan at home

Safe And Natural Looking Tanning

A spray tan is great for cheating your way to a lovely radiant golden glow, being the safest, quickest and easiest way to get a tan. A suntan is your skins way of telling you it has damage and is the quickest way to speed up skin ageing, so don’t risk it and do as the celebs do and fake it!

There are many shades to choose from so you can decide to go for a light golden glow through to a darker more bronzed look.

Expert beauty therapists have been well trained to be very precise with their work and it makes a lot of difference having a professional spray tan, the end results speak for themselves. Don’t risk streaking or missing bits by doing it yourself, The action of the spray means the tan application is very even and done by a professional ensures it achieves perfect results. 

The use of a spray tanning tent ensures your home is kept safe and clean. Your therapist will bring everything they need to give you a salon-standard tanning treatment without the need to go anywhere.

Consider a spray tan for special occasions, holidays, right through the months you want to wear summer clothes or for an all year round boost when needed.

Spray Tan

Enjoy a spray tan in the comfort of your own home, get that beautiful sunkissed look, that gives you an instant boost.

Prices from..£30

Express Spray Tan

We offer an express option that can be washed off in 1 hour and develops over in 8-10 hours.

Prices from..£36

Spray Tan (2+ people)

Save money on getting a spray tan for multiple people in the same booking. Get that bronzed sunkissed look in an instant.

Prices from..£48

The Benefits Of A Spray Tan At Home

Having a professional spray tan at home takes away a lot of the headaches encountered when visiting a tanning salon.

Enjoy your treatment in the comfort and privacy of your own surroundings, meaning that you can avoid overdressing immediately after the tan application. Your tan can then develop perfectly without the risk of being rubbed off by your clothes or getting wet from the rain.

What To Expect From Your Professional Spray Tan

Expert spray tanning therapists bring everything they need to give you a professional tanning treatment, bringing a tent for you to stand in to be sprayed ensures your home is protected. Don’t risk streaks and unevenness by doing it yourself. You can undress to the level you are comfortable with, clients often choosing to wear small knickers only. High-quality brands are used like St Tropez & Fake Bake, as well as being able to choose an express application that doesn’t require you to leaving it on for longer than 1 hour before showering.

How To Prepare For Your Spray Tan

Your beauty therapist will bring clean towels and a tanning tent. It’s a good idea to prepare a room that’s warm with good lighting and enough room for a tent roughly 120cm x 120cm and somewhere your therapist can put their kit. For best results, you should thoroughly exfoliate and moisturise your whole body the day before.

After Your Spray Tan

After a spray tan you should wear as little and as loose clothing as possible to avoid any rubbing, and also avoid getting wet so having this in your home is perfect for slipping straight into something comfortable without worrying about making the dash home in your loungewear in the rain.

Spray Tanning
Price List

Spray Tan

A mobile spray tan is the perfect way to achieve a long lasting golden glow in your own home. A tent will be used to keep everything clean.

treatment duration30 minutes£30.00

Express Spray Tan

Mobile tanning therapists can help you achieve a long lasting golden glow in a flash. This tan can be washed off after only 1 hour, so its a good option if you don't like sleeping in or waiting the 8-10 hours before showering.

treatment duration30 minutes£36.00

Spray Tan (2 people)

A mobile spray tan is the perfect way to achieve a long lasting golden glow in your own home. A tent will be used to keep everything clean. Perfect for 2!

treatment duration45 minutes£48.00

Spray Tan (3 people)

Mobile tanning therapists can help you achieve a long lasting golden glow in your home. A tent will be used to keep everything clean. Perfect for 3 friends.

treatment duration45 minutes£72.00

Frequently asked questions

What should I wear during and after my spray tan treatment?

Any clothes cause a white bit! Your therapist will provide a paper thong but feel free to wear your own, this is what most people wear but feel free to wear a bikini or underwear top and bottom if you are more comfortable. After your spray tan, you should wear dark, loose clothing and flip flops.

What will happen in my spray tan treatment?

Your therapist will do a full consultation to decide on the right tanning solution for you, your therapist will set up a spray tan tent that protects your house, you will undress in private, you will be shown a few poses so that each body part can be sprayed evenly and separately. After the tanning treatment, you will look dark with 'guide colour' that is temporary, and you will stand for a few minutes in the tent and then dress.

What should I do after my spray tan?

You should wait up to 8 hours before showering/washing, ideally left on overnight, shower off the 'guide colour' in the morning and moisturise well, leaving you beautifully tanned and glowing.

How do I prepare for my spray tan?

We recommend exfoliating and moisturising well 24 hours in advance of having your spray tan, waxing or shaving should be done at least 24 hours before. It is best to shower before your spray tan to ensure you have removed all make-up, deodorant, moisturiser, and perfume.

It is best to plan to have your spray tan in a private warm room with an electricity supply and good lighting, your therapist will come with a spray tan tent which will need a room at least 2 metres wide and 1 metre deep.

What brands do you use?

Therapists use their own preferred brand, you can view this on the therapist profile at the time of choosing a therapist when booking an appointment.

Can I have another treatment along with a spray tan?

The only treatment we recommend having after a spray tan is hair and nails, if you choose to book a facial or massage to have before your spray tan any oils/moisturiser will need to be thoroughly showered off the skin before spray tanning can be done.

Can I have a spray tan if I'm pregnant?

You are not able to have a spray tan in the first trimester of pregnancy, however, you are able to have a spray tan after that.

Professional Spray Tanning At Home

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