Spray Tan

Enjoy a spray tan in the comfort of your own home, get that beautiful sunkissed look, that gives you an instant boost.

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Express Spray Tan

We offer an express option that can be washed off in 1 hour and develops over in 8-10 hours.

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Mobile Tanning Treatments
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Spray Tan
30 minutes£25.00
Express Spray Tan
30 minutes£30.00
Spray Tan (2 people)
45 minutes£40.00
Spray Tan (3 people)
45 minutes£60.00

Frequently asked questions

What preparations do you have in place for managing Covid-19?

We are very conscious of the importance of keeping both our clients and beauty professionals as safe as possible during the Coronavirus epidemic. We have put together a series of guidelines to ensure that all parties feel comfortable and safe during their appointment. View our Covid-19 Guidelines page for more details.

What should I wear during and after my spray tan treatment?

Any clothes cause a white bit! Your therapist will provide a paper thong but feel free to wear your own, this is what most people wear but feel free to wear a bikini or underwear top and bottom if you are more comfortable. After your spray tan you should wear dark, loose clothing and flip flops.

What will happen in my spray tan treatment?

Your therapist will do a full consultation to decide on the right tanning solution for you, your therapist will set up a spray tan tent which protects your house, you will undress in private, you will be shown a few poses so that each body part can be sprayed evenly and separately, you will look dark with ‘guide colour’ that is temporary, you will stand for a few minutes in the tent and then dress.

What should I do after my spray tan?

You should wait up to 8 hours before showering/washing, ideally left on overnight, shower off the ‘guide colour’ in the morning and moisturise well, leaving you beautifully tanned and glowing.

How do I prepare for my spray tan?

We recommend exfoliating and moisturising well 24 hours in advance of having your spray tan, waxing or shaving should be done at least 24 hours before. It’s best to shower before your spray tan to ensure you have removed all make-up, deodorant, moisturiser, and perfume.

Its best to plan to have your spray tan in a private warm room with an electricity supply and good lighting, your therapist will come with a spray tan tent which will need room of 2 metre wide and 1 metre deep.

What brands do you use?

Therapist’s use their own preferred brand, you can view this on the therapist profile at the time of choosing a therapist when booking an appointment.

Can I have another treatment along with a spray tan?

The only treatment we recommend having after a spray tan is hair and nails, if you choose to book a facial or massage to have before your spray tan any oils/moisturiser will need to be thoroughly showered off the skin before spray tanning can be done.

Can I have a spray tan if I'm pregnant?

You are not able to have a spray tan in first trimester of pregnancy, however you are able to have a spray tan after that.

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