Eyelash extensions

Which eyelash extensions should I choose?

Eyelash extensions give you amazing looking lashes and can be achieved quickly and easily with the right eyelash extension specialist. Long-lasting results and a much quicker morning routine are great reasons to get extensions, but with so many options available which eyelash extension is right for you?

A Full Set

Most sought after for the dramatic effect, one lash is applied on each of your own lashes, full coverage application. With in-fills needed every 2-3 weeks to keep up the effect and replace lashes that have naturally fallen out. A full set can take up to 2 hours to apply.

A Half Set

Half the extensions applied but more than half the effect. Gives a similarly dramatic effect as a full set but the lashes are applied to every other lash or outward from the eye for a specialized look. An economical alternative to a full set and great to try this if you haven’t had extensions before.

Russian Lashes

Allows up to 3 lashes to be applied to each of the lashes taking an extension, great for adding amazing volume.

Classic Lashes

The most traditional form of extension with 1 lash added to each lash taking the extension, gives a ready-to-go mascara lengthening effect.

Hybrid Lashes

A blend of Russian and classic lashes to give the definition of a classic set combined with added volume from a Russian set.

The choice is up to you

Whichever lash extension that you feel is right for you, this is one of the premium at home beauty treatments Little City Treat beauty therapists can provide.

When booking an eyelash extensions appointment, the therapist profile will provide more information on the brand they work with and which type of extensions that they offer. Little City Treat beauticians offer eyelash extensions in your home from £30.