Debbie, Ellen and the Forth Bridges

Our Journey

Little City Treat was opened in 2020 by Edinburgh-based Beauty Therapist Debbie Greenwood.

After graduating in 1995 and working as a salon-based beauty therapist in Edinburgh, Debbie, like many other beauty salon therapists, reached a point in her career where she felt as though the only option to progress was to become self-employed. At that point she started her self-employed journey, opening a private boutique salon, and gaining the skills of managing and growing a new business.

The idea of Little City Treat came along whilst taking time off to have her little girl after researching how the beauty industry was developing. 

Treatments at home seemed to be becoming increasingly popular and Debbie discovered that most of the large UK cities had luxury at-home beauty services. Edinburgh at this time had no such service available and Debbie saw the opportunity to cater for this growing demand.

"I loved the thought of being able to pass on what I have learned to help other therapists, and as a busy mum, understood that it becomes more difficult to get to the salon." — Debbie

Many people seemed to be unable to get to the beauty salon due to their busy schedules and family commitments but still wanted the high-quality treatments that they had been used to having.

In addition, Debbie was well aware that highly trained beauty professionals were not sufficiently remunerated for their highly qualified services, and wanted to rectify this.

"It was quite challenging at times getting everything together to be able to start, as I did it along with looking after our baby (now 6!) and I was running an established business at the same time. Shortly after opening we had the problems created by Covid, particularly to the beauty industry, but I've never looked back. Due to this slower start I was lucky that it helped me to find the time to develop Little City Treat even further, finding more amazing therapists and hairdressers and improving the booking platform" — Debbie

The goal for Little City Treat is to become the go-to platform for busy Edinburgh locals, and visitors to the city, who would still like to have quality hair, beauty & massage treatments, but would love this to work more easily around their schedule.