Our Journey

Debbie & Forbes

Little City Treat was founded in 2019 by self-employed Beauty Therapist Debbie Greenwood and her Web Developer partner Forbes, after seeing the growth of the beauty at home market in London and seeing an increase in online queries about a similar service in Edinburgh.

There clearly seemed to be a large number of people who, due to their busy schedules and family commitments, were unable to get to the beauty salon. In addition to this, Debbie was well aware that highly trained beauty professionals were not being sufficiently paid for the highly qualified services that they provided for their customers.

Through a challenging time of raising their baby, over-coming serious health problems and running two existing established businesses, Little City Treat was born.

Little City Treats aim is to provide customers a flexible alternative to going to the salon, whilst also rewarding beauty professionals for the valuable work that they do.

While Debbie focused on recruiting highly qualified, motivated and professional beauty specialists, Forbes focused on the technical side of the business, creating a bespoke booking platform enabling customers to easily book beauty treatments around their busy schedule at their home, workplace or hotel; alongside an application for the service providers themselves to manage their own appointments and availability.

The goal for Little City Treat is to become the go-to platform for busy people who would still like to be able to visit the Spa or Beauty Salon, whilst empowering beauty professionals to maximise their potential.