Waxing and hair removal

Waxing or Shaving; What's Better?

Let's be honest; everyone dreads going to a waxing appointment, yet most of us book ourselves a waxing session every month. Why? I guess it's because of the ease it brings into our lives. What else could be the reason? 

Why Is Waxing Better Than Shaving? 

If you've come across this article but prefer the art of shaving, you're probably thinking about this question right now. Let us tell you something; everything about waxing is better than shaving. 

Waxing is defined as a hair removal process by applying sugar or sticky substance onto the hair follicles and using a strip to remove them. A wide range of waxes is available for different purposes. 

It sounds like a painful process; why would you consider it the better option? — Yes, waxing is painful. We all agree to it. However, the benefits associated with it are countless. Did you know hair growth after waxing sessions starts after 3–4 weeks, whereas shaved hair starts growing back within 3–5 days? Answer it for yourself now; what's the better alternative? 

What Are The Different Types Of Wax Packages?

The Bikini Line:

The bikini line covers the area under and around your legs. Different types of bikini line wax options are available such as the extended bikini wax, g-string bikini wax, etc.

The Brazilian Wax:

A Brazilian wax includes the removal of hair from the front to the back, making the entire area smooth and stubble-free. It might be slightly pricey compared to the bikini line wax, but it's definitely worth it. However, a strip of hair is left at the front.

The Hollywood Wax:

The Hollywood wax includes the hair removal of the entire intimate area. No strands of hair are left anywhere around. It's definitely costlier than other wax packages, but if you're someone who likes to feel all smooth down there, this is your thing. 

What Are The Benefits Of Waxing?

Everything comes at a cost, and so does the process of waxing. Countless benefits are associated with waxing. A few of them are listed below: 

  • Fewer appointments: Waxing is known to remove the hair directly from the root instead of shaving, which cuts the hair to the skin's surface level. As a result, the hair begins to regrow quickly, whereas waxed hair grows after 3–4 weeks. As a result, the number of appointments required for hair removal is reduced.
  • Stubble-free skin: Everyone agrees that stubble is annoying! One of the many advantages of waxing is that it eliminates stubble, which reduces itching and the prickly sensation caused by sharp hair that grows after shaving. Moreover, it eliminates the pain and trouble associated with shaving rash. 
  • No more worries about in-grown hair: We all know that in-grown hair is disgusting without any further discussion! Plus, they're often painful. No one wants in-grown hair, which is why waxing is a better alternative for everyone. 
  • Free exfoliation: Acne and dark spots around the skin can be caused by buildup and dead skin. Exfoliation is preferred to address such issues, but who has time to sit down and exfoliate the entire body during a hectic schedule? This is where waxing comes in handy. It not only removes hair but also exfoliates the skin. There is no better two-for-one deal than this.
  • No random cuts and bruises: At some point, all of us have been victims at the hands of a razor. One wrong move and you're bleeding. With waxing, you are safe from all such scenarios.

Don'ts of Waxing:

  • Avoid moisturising products: If there is one thing wax estheticians can emphasise enough, it's the importance of avoiding oily and moisturising products. Since wax is a sticky substance, any moisture on the skin does not allow the product to stick to the hair follicle completely, making the process difficult and useless. 
  • Never let your skin loose: A licensed and experienced esthetician will always hold your skin tightly before pulling the wax strip. Holding the skin tightly allows the pores to stretch widely, which aids the hair follicles in coming out easily.
  • Avoid retinol: Stay away from retinol if you get yourself waxed frequently. Retinol is known for its regeneration property, and waxing leaves the layer exposed, making it prone to inflammation and bacterial invasion.

By this point, it must have become clear why waxing is a better option compared to shaving. Some may still say that waxing requires a lot of effort and time, whereas shaving takes only a few minutes. Let's break it down a little more; you have to get waxed only after 4–5 weeks, whereas shaving needs to be done twice a week.

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