Waxing and hair removal

Want to know more about waxing?

Waxing is a traditional method of hair removal and any area of the body can be waxed. Eyebrows, face, bikini/intimate area, legs, arm’s, back, hands, feet & toes.

Removing hair from the root, results can last up to 4 weeks leaving you feeling silky smooth, although you will need to grow your hair a little before your next wax can be done.

What wax can be used?

There are different kinds of wax that can be used however, the main wax used in beauty salons and wax bars is warm wax and hot wax.

Warm wax is mainly used on larger areas where the hair is usually a bit softer, like legs and arms, this wax is applied with a spatula and removed with a strip.

Hot wax is mainly used on small more sensitive areas with a stronger hair growth like bikini waxing and underarm waxing, where the wax is applied, let dry and then flicked off.

Warm wax is also effective for stronger hairs on sensitive areas but hot wax has become so popular as it is much less painful, gives longer-lasting results and prevents ingrown hairs.

A Professional Waxing Treatment

Waxing is best left to the professionals. Doing your own can lead to infections, ingrown hairs and bruising. A waxing therapist will give you a hygienic treatment, applying and removing the wax correctly and using the recommended professional after wax product to give you a comfortable wax experience.

A professional waxer will also know how to put you at ease and protect your modesty.

For best results your waxing should be done at regular intervals of between 4-6 weeks, over time you will notice the hairs become lighter and finer.

Considering a mobile waxing treatment with Little City Treat can allow you to have a professional waxing therapist come to your home where they bring everything they need to give you a salon standard waxing treatment without having to go anywhere.

It also feels like a bit of pampering & self-care, allowing you to sit back and let a Little City Treat therapist work their magic leaving you feeling relaxed and happy with the results.