Becoming a mobile beauty therapist

Becoming a Mobile Beauty Therapist

So, you're an experienced Beauty Therapist with years of experience making your clients feel great.

There comes a time in any professionals career when they are looking to take the next step. For many beauty therapists working in a beauty salon, will mean becoming self-employed and working for themselves.

This would usually mean opening their own beauty salon or working as a mobile beauty therapist taking skills directly to your customers in their own homes.

There are, of course, pros and cons of both of these two options and we'll have a closer look at each one to see what might be right for you.

Opening a Beauty Salon

The Good

A local presence

Opening a salon on your local high street can be very rewarding and give you the feeling of contributing to your local community. Having a footprint on the high street will allow you to be seen by beauty-savvy locals and result in your first customers.

Build your reputation

You are in control of your business, this allows you to set standards that will mean that you stand out from the local competition. Whether it be the look and feel of the salon, the customer service, the quality of your treatments, or all three, you can control all aspects of your business to allow you to excel.

Become an employer

As you grow and you see an increased demand for your services, you will inevitably need to post some beauty therapist jobs ads to hire staff to cater to your client's demands. In addition to this, you can consider bringing in staff with new skills which will allow you to increase the services that you can offer. Being a local employer can be very rewarding, know that you are supporting individuals and their families.

The Bad


Start-up costs for a new Beauty Salon can be expensive. Buying your equipment, decorating your new beauty salon premises and getting all your legal obligations as an employer in place, your costs will quickly mount up. Your new Beauty Salon may likely require up to £35,000 to get off the ground. You will also face ongoing expenses like rent, wages and utility bills.

It takes time

As the new salon on the high street, it will take time to build up a loyal client base that you can rely upon. Building your loyal clientele will take time and effort so you need to be prepared for it.

Becoming a Mobile Beauty Therapist

The Good


Working for yourself will allow you to have far greater flexibility than working in a salon. You have the freedom to work when you want to without the worry of closing a shop.

Build Relationships

Visiting clients in their own homes allows you to build very strong relationships with your customers increases the likelihood of a loyal client base.

Minimal Start-up Costs

As a Mobile Beauty Therapist you have no physical premises to consider and as a result, substantially reduced overheads compared to a salon. You will still require to pay for travel, equipment and products but your profits will be greater as a result of these lower expenses.

The Bad

No Salary

As a self-employed Beauty Therapist, you would not be earning a guaranteed salary every month. Although your earnings will be greater for the treatments that you provide, you will need to find your clients in the first place.


As you are providing Beauty Services in your clients own homes, you will of course be travelling to them. You will also require to transport all your equipment and products which is an additional workload often overlooked.

Running your business

As you visit your clients and provide beauty services it is easy to overlook the day to day running of your Mobile Beauty Business. Your business requires a degree of administration like accounting, marketing, and managing your diary to ensure that you can provide your clients with the highest levels of service.

Breaking Down The Barrier

Little City Treat was started to reduce the barrier for talented beauty therapists, massage therapists and hairdressers to become self-employed and to become their own bosses. Managing the booking process, payments and marketing, experienced beauty professionals can concentrate on delivering first-class beauty treatments to the customer.