Pregnant woman having a massage

Pregnancy Massage: A Hit or a Miss?

Throughout pregnancy, you might have heard women raving about how relaxing and mesmerizing the pregnancy massage is. However, the concern for the safety of the baby and mother becomes the foremost worry. Let's dive a little deeper into the world of pregnancy massage to determine whether it's a hit or a miss.

What Is A Pregnancy Massage? 

Pregnancy or prenatal massage is given to pregnant women to provide relief and tranquillity. Everyone knows that the journey of holding a baby inside the womb is not an easy one; women go through severe mood swings, aches, panic attacks, and whatnot. In such scenarios, a pregnancy massage is a way to unwind and treat you. 

A normal massage requires the person to lay down on their stomach. However, the pregnancy massage is different. The comfort of pregnant women and the baby's safety are prioritized; therefore, the position is adjusted accordingly to make sure no one feels uncomfortable. Supporting cushions and holes are provided for the belly.

What Precautions Should Be Taken During A Pregnancy Massage?

First and foremost, before booking a pregnancy massage, conduct extensive research and ask around about the massage facility you have chosen. It is critical that the person performing the massage can deal with pregnant women and has worked in the service industry for a significant amount of time. The time spent researching is worthwhile for the health of both the baby and the mother.

Secondly, immediately leave the room if your masseuse instructs you to lie flat on your stomach. It is extremely dangerous for pregnant women because the baby's weight and the position of the uterus can partially block blood circulation to the placenta.

As per research and recommendations by the doctors, massages should be avoided during the first trimester as they can increase nausea, dizziness, and morning sickness. In fact, some doctors believe that the increased blood flow from a massage can be harmful. However, once the first trimester is over, massages are considered safe.

"I don't want to leave the house but I still want a pregnancy massage."

Have you ever faced this dilemma? The desire to get a pregnant massage but not leave the comfort of your own house? Well, we got you! If you're living anywhere near Edinburgh or Newcastle-upon-Tyne, book Little City Treat for a relaxing pregnancy massage. All the massage therapists are highly trained, and you're guaranteed to be in safe hands. Pregnancy massages usually cost anywhere between £50 to £100; a 60-minute session costs £55 whereas a 90-minute session is £75.

What Are The Benefits Of Pregnancy Massage?

  • Improved mood and unwinding: Pregnancy massages have the same effect on mood and stress levels compared to normal massages. They help reduce anxiety levels, relieve stress, and elevate mood. Furthermore, it stimulates the release of endorphins, the happy hormones, which exert their effect. 
  • Improved sleeping patterns: Sleeping becomes a strenuous task as the pregnancy progresses. Some women even say that getting a good night's sleep during pregnancy is no less than a blessing. Research proves that pregnancy massages help release stress, which improves the sleep cycle. Therefore, a pregnancy massage is always considered a good investment.
  • Help reduce swelling: Pregnant women frequently experience swelling. Blood circulation is affected by the increased pressure on the blood vessels. A good pregnancy massage relieves pressure, which improves circulation and, as a result, reduces swelling. Ultimately making you more comfortable. 
  • Pelvic or sciatic pain: Sciatica is common during pregnancy as the baby's growing weight puts pressure on the sciatic nerve. It's mostly seen in the third trimester. However, the pain can develop anytime throughout the pregnancy. An experienced masseuse can carefully work on the concerned areas and reduce the pain associated with sciatica or pelvis.
  • Overdue labour: Research has proven that massages induce oxytocin secretion, the hormone associated with labour contractions. Therefore, a good massage from an experienced massage therapist can induce labour in overdue mums. Moreover, continuous massages can also alleviate the process of labour and make the process of delivery slightly easier.
  • Joint pain and random aches: Pregnancy may have its benefits but it comes with many challenges, joint pain is one of them. The increasing weight of the body gives rise to aches in most of the most random places which can be relieved by the help of a massage at particular pressure points and increased mobility which helps significantly.

Pregnancy massages are safe if all the precautions are taken into consideration and adhered to accordingly. Don't be hesitant about treating your body right; you're growing life inside of you and deserve all the special treatment in the world. Book a mobile pregnancy massage now and enjoy it comfortably within the four walls of your home. However, it is advised to ask your practitioner for permission before going ahead with the massage.