Woman having eyelash extensions

A Simple Guide To Eyelash Extensions

Confused About Eyelash Extensions? Here’s A Simple Guide For You.

Over the years, the beauty industry has evolved significantly regarding eyelashes. Curling mascaras, growth serums, and strip lashes, the women have tried it all. Yet, nothing helped pass the barrier that allowed them to look put together and fabulous all the time — until eyelash extensions arrived.

Upon their arrival, the beauty industry was astonished, and everyone had many speculations; Are the extensions safe? How long do they last? Do they affect eyesight? — Countless such questions were doing rounds among the experts. Even today, people bring up these concerns to their lash technicians. Let’s discuss all the necessary information regarding eyelash extensions together.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

People often confuse eyelash extension with strip lashes due to the similarity in the texture. Still, one thing that sets eyelash extensions apart is that they are semi-permanent, and each individual can customize the eyelash as per their choice and comfortability. They are designed to give a flawless, always-ready look while enhancing the shape of the eye.

Without a doubt, eyelash extensions are guaranteed to make your life ten times easier, but here’s the catch; they are very high maintenance. If a proper after-care routine is carried out, it can easily last up to six weeks. They start falling out after the specified period, similarly to natural eyelashes. If the individual feels comfortable, they can easily get it refilled by their lash technician.

“Can eyelash extensions cause my natural eyelashes to fall out?” — One of the biggest concerns eyelash extension enthusiasts have is whether they are going to ruin the quality of their natural eyelashes or not. So far, no solid evidence is present that proves the bridging connection between eyelash extensions and poor lash quality. However, if a licensed lash technician is not chosen or low-quality products are used, the chances of losing the natural eyelashes increase considerably.

How Much Do Eyelash Extensions Cost?

Eyelash extensions are pricey! Regardless, they’re well worth the effort. The cost of a traditional set of eyelash extensions ranges from £10 to £100. Some salons may entice you with lower pricing, but keep in mind that this comes with a risk. It’s possible that the lash technician isn’t licensed to practice or is new to the industry and lacks sufficient experience. Furthermore, there is the chance of improper hygiene habits. Therefore, always check to see if the salon or lash specialist you’ve hired is licensed and experienced.

How To Maintain And Care For Eyelash Extensions?

The first and foremost thing is to avoid water for 2 days after getting the extensions. It’s because the glue may still be wet, and any contact with water can hinder the attachment process.

Secondly, it’s important to wash and brush your eyelashes daily or at least every 3 days. Invest in a good eyelash extension cleanser and a soft bristly brush. Remember, we don’t want anything building on our eyelids.

Lastly, if it’s possible, please avoid oil-based products. They can break down the extension glue and result in falling prematurely; whether it’s eye creams or oil-based makeup remover, try to stay away from them.

What Are The Risks Associated With Eyelash Extensions?

The risks associated with eyelash extensions are minimal, yet they are still there. Certified doctors have indicated the following risk factors:

  • Risk of infection: Every person is treated with the same instruments by the lash technicians. If 15 clients were served before you, the tools utilized for their process would also be used for your consultation. The sterilization policy is one characteristic that distinguishes a skilled lash technician. It’s critical to ensure that the tools are sterilized according to established SOPs. Before making an appointment, make sure you ask about the glue they use. Toxic compounds in glues, such as formaldehyde, can irritate the skin and increase the risk of infection.

Are Eyelash Extensions Worth The Investment?

The most common question eyelash extension enthusiasts find themselves asking others is whether eyelash extensions are worth it or not? Rightly so, a huge amount of money is being invested in the process. Therefore, self-satisfaction is necessary.

Well, we think it’s worth it. Eyelash extensions make you feel beautiful and instantly boost your confidence; everyone loves waking up with a fluttery set of sexy eyelashes. They’re customizable, painless, and with no worries about smudged mascara.

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