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Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions

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Lash extensions are designed to give you a semi-permanent option for adding mega volume, mega length and va-va-voom. Perfect "movie star" lashes without the mascara.

Book with Little City Treat and have your eyelash treatment in the comfort of your own home.

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Eyelash extensions

Classic & Russian Eyelash Extensions

A lash extension treatment involves adding an individual lash extension to each of your own natural lashes, which creates amazing length and volume, perfect for everyday, special occasion or holiday.

Plan to relax for an hour or two for a full set and lie back and relax as your therapist applies your beautiful eyelash extensions tailor-made to enhance your own lashes to the level you would like to create the look you are after.

Lash extensions come in various lengths, thicknesses and curvatures, and you can choose a full or half set. You may be after a more subtle classic set, a full effect set or a hybrid of both, this can all be achieved. Your therapist will do a thorough consultation and then select the option to suit what you would like.

As your own lashes shed every couple of months We recommend an infill appointment every 2-3 weeks to keep up the beautiful full lash effect.

Russian lashes involve adding up to 8 lashes per each of your own that give that full fan-like look, give way more volume and ultra-lightweight, and can last a lot longer than classic lashes. Check the therapist portfolio when choosing who to book for your lash appointment that they include this option.

Full Set Extensions

Dramatic effect, One extension is added to every natural eyelash on the upper lid. Choose from Russian, hybrid or classic options.


Half Set Extensions

Beautiful but less dramatic effect. One eyelash extension is added to every other natural lash on the upper lid, or to the outer lashes only.


Extensions In-Fill

A half set of lashes to fill in where natural lashes have shed, which happens naturally every 2-3 weeks.


Express Lash Extensions

Party lashes which last around 7 days


Eyelash Extension Removal

The easy way to remove eyelash extensions without damaging your own lashes.


Eyelash Extensions Patch Test

An eyelash extensions patch test is required to ensure that you have no allergic reaction to the adhesive and enjoy a safe eyelash treatment.


Eyelash Extension Experts

All beauty therapists are fully qualified and experienced in professional eyelash extension services for a stylish and natural look. 

With our fully accredited and insured therapists, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality eyebrow treatment in your home, hotel or Airbnb.

The Benefits Of Lash Extensions Treatment At Home

Don’t run around to get to the beauty salon for your regular lash appointment, having them at home makes upkeep very easy. There is no need to worry about wearing mascara to go out to your lash appointment. Having your lashes done at home takes the stress away and saves you time.

What To Expect From Your Lash Extensions Treatment

Your expert beauty therapist will offer professional eyelash extensions at the standard you would expect from the beauty salon. They can offer advice, will do a full consultation and recommend aftercare to keep your lashes looking great.

How To Prepare For Your Eyelash Treatment

Your beauty therapist will bring clean towels and a treatment bed. It’s a good idea to prepare a warm, private room, with enough space for a treatment bed. We recommend not having anything on your lashes at the start of your appointment and a patch test will be required for you to have 48 hours before your lash lift treatment. You can easily book this to have along with any other beauty treatment.

Lash Extension Aftercare

It is really important to take good care of your new eyelash extensions.

You should avoid getting your lashes excessively wet in the first 24 hours after your eyelash treatment to allow the adhesive to cure, and avoid steam rooms, saunas and sunbeds for 48 hours. Proper eyelash extension cleansing is the best maintenance for your lashes. Some mascaras should not be used and you should avoid rubbing your eyes, tinting or using eyelash curlers.

Your beauty therapist will give you additional advice on how to maintain your eyelashes.

Eyelash Extensions
Frequently asked questions

Do I need an eyelash extension’s patch test?

You won't need a patch test for eyelash extensions however for eyelash and eyebrow tinting, lash lift and LVL, you will need a patch test if you haven't had this done before.

Please book a patch test to have at least 48 hours before having that treatment.

How do I care for my lash extensions?

To look after your new lash extensions we recommend you follow your therapist's aftercare.

Avoid excessive water for 24 hours and heat for 48 hours, the longer the better to allow the glue to cure properly. If you need to shower in that time try to wash your eyes and avoid sauna’s, steam rooms and hot yoga etc…

Proper cleansing of your lashes is best, don’t use any oil-based cleanser or products around the eyes, and gently cleanse and tissue off, and use a mascara wand to gently comb through. Your lashes are very delicate so avoid rubbing or picking at them in general and treat them with the TLC they deserve.

What eyelash extension treatment brands do you use?

Each therapist uses their own preferred professional brand for salon standard results. You can see this information on the therapist profile when booking an appointment.

Which set should I choose?

We offer a full set and half set of lash extensions, and your therapist can tailor make a set to suit what you would like. You can choose a subtle classic set or a full effect set, this can be discussed in your consultation. If you haven’t had extensions before you should book an extensions patch test 48 hours before your extensions application and that is also a good time to discuss options.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

With proper care your extensions should last 4-6 weeks, your own lashes naturally shed every couple of months so you should book an ‘in-fill’ appointment every 2-3 weeks when your lashes start to look a little sparse. An ‘in-fill’ appointment will replace the lashes that have naturally fallen out and keep your lashes looking the way you like them.

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