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Select from a range of different options for intimate bikini waxing. We advise hot wax for being the most comfortable and which can give the best results. Waxing therapists are very used to doing these treatments and are very good at putting you at ease, whether this is your first intimate wax or you are a regular waxer. Start seeing great results from your first wax however it is best to have it done regularly around every 4 weeks to start seeing those fabulous longer periods of time being silky smooth and hair-free.

Book with Little City Treat and have the intimate waxing treatment of your choice, at late notice, and in the comfort of your own home.

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Hollywood Wax

Hollywood Wax

All hair removed from the whole bikini and intimate area.

Prices from..£34
Brazilian Wax

Brazilian Wax

All hair is removed from the bikini area and intimate area, leaveing a perfectly neat strip of hair at the front.

Prices from..£29
Bikini Wax

Bikini Wax

A tidy up of the bikini area, all hair is removed up to the knicker line. G-String bikini wax is also available.

Prices from..£12

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Highly Qualified Waxing Therapists

All beauty therapists are fully qualified and experienced in professional waxing services for comfortable and thorough hair removal with long-lasting results. 

With our fully accredited and insured therapists, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality waxing treatment in your home, hotel or Airbnb.

Frequently asked questions

What do I need to do to prepare for waxing treatment?

The average wax is done with 3-4 weeks of hair growth on well exfoliated and moisturised skin. For best results, regular waxing with no shaving in between is key. If you would like your experience to be a relaxing one, please use a private and warm room with space for a treatment bed 6ft by 2ft. There will need to be a power point and good lighting in the room.

What is the difference between hot wax and strip wax?

Hot wax is very popular and sought after mainly due to the 'much less painful' experience but also has added benefits of providing longer-lasting results & less ingrowing hairs due to the superior quality of the wax preventing hair breakage. Very much takes the sting out of waxing and is known for "not even feeling like you have had a wax" afterwards. Strip wax is used on larger, less sensitive area's of the body where waxing already feels very comfortable, is applied thinly and removed with a strip. We recommend hot wax for smaller sensitive area's where hair tends to be a bit stronger in general. It is applied thickly and is removed gently once slightly dry.

What should I wear for my waxing treatment?

Your waxing therapist will explain what level of undress that will be required depending on what area(s) you have booked your waxing treatment for, modesty towels will be used and only uncovering 1 area/part area at a time is normal. For Intimate bikini waxing, you can choose to wear your own underwear but usually disposable underwear or no underwear is worn for this treatment, your therapist will explain what is required before and during the treatment to make sure you are comfortable.

What is the aftercare for waxing?

A soothing lotion or oil will be applied after your waxing treatment. No hot baths/showers, swimming/sauna, gym, sunbeds/fake-tan or unadvised products for 24 hours post waxing.

Can I book a specific waxing therapist?

Yes. When you choose the waxing treatment you would like to book, you are able to view profiles and reviews of the therapists able to offer this service and select who you prefer.

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