Pregnancy Massage Treatments

Prenatal Massage Therapy

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Specifically adapted to maintain the wellbeing of mother and child. Often using a deeper massage technique to relieve discomfort, and softer massage to help to soothe and relax the mum-to-be. A pregnancy massage will help to relieve the aches and pains associated with the second and third trimesters.

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Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy can add additional stress to the body and mind at a time when looking after yourself can feel like the right thing to do, and pregnancy massage is a good place to start.

Lowered anxiety, lessening back and leg pain and aiding sleep and helping to prevent leg swelling, are the main benefits and pregnant women seek to find relief from these symptoms and even try to prevent them in the first place if possible as well as well documented claims of a shorter & calmer birthing experience.

A pregnancy massage therapist can use certain massage techniques, knowing the area’s it’s safe to go a little deeper so you get the relief from tension and stiffness but also knowing the area’s deeper pressure is best avoided but still allowing those tired muscles to get some relief. They will help support and position you on your side with the aid of bolsters and cushions which feels a lot like you are being nicely tucked into bed and very comfortable, clients often say they wish they could have this done every night.

Area’s of massage generally include back neck and shoulders, head, lower back and hips, legs and feet, we have a 60 or 90-minute option, both of which allow plenty of time to lie back, enjoy and leaves you feeling very relaxed but also quite invigorated.

60-Minute Pregnancy Massage

Well enough time to treat all areas of the body that are usually in need of some TLC. A full body treatment, not usually including your bump, can help you to feel relaxed but also uplifted and energised. Maternity massage is suitable for 14+ weeks with no health concerns. Performed with you lying on your side feeling a lot like lying very comfortably in bed.


90-Minute Pregnancy Massage

Book more time to enjoy a wonderfully luxurious 90-minute prenatal massage treating the full-body, reducing or preventing leg and foot swelling and the feeling of heaviness, reduce lower back and pelvic pain, relieve increased neck and shoulder tension, and leave you feeling deeply relaxed with a sleep-promoting head massage.


Highly Qualified Pregnancy Massage Therapists

All pregnancy massage therapists are fully qualified and experienced in relaxing and therapeutic massage techniques to help you relax, unwind and ease those aches and pains.

With our fully accredited and insured therapists, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality massage treatment in your home, hotel or Airbnb.

The Benefits of a Pregnancy Massage

Aids sleep quality lowered stress and anxiety levels, lessens leg swelling, reduces sciatic nerve and lower back pain, reduces increased muscular tension from carrying extra weight.

What to expect from your massage treatment

Massage at home is wonderful as it means there is no rushing to get to your appointment and you are able to enjoy already being in your own space after your massage treatment.

A thorough consultation will be completed before starting to discuss with you any particular area’s of tension and how you are feeling to then be able to prepare a tailor-made treatment for you.

Your therapist will bring everything they need to help to make you very comfortable during the massage, extra pillows to support you if required, you will be lying very happily on your side where it is expected you will fall into a dose during your treatment, your modesty will be protected at all times.

How to prepare for your massage

To prepare for your massage you may want to think about having a room ready that is warm and comfortable and has enough space for a massage bed, this would help but is not necessary as your massage therapist can make suggestions for where would be suitable. If you have time beforehand you could consider a warm bath to help your muscles start to relax and get more out of your massage treatment.

After your massage

Once your treatment has come to an end, your therapist will allow you to rise gradually, dress, and have a seat while everything gets packed away and then leaves you relaxing and gaining the added benefits of not having to go anywhere afterwards.

Aftercare for massage is important. To get the maximum benefits of massage it is best to rest afterwards, drink plenty of water, avoid tea, coffee and alcohol and strenuous exercise.

What Our Customers Say

Pregnancy Massage
Frequently asked questions

How often can I have a pregnancy massage?

We advise once a month from 14 weeks up to 27 weeks, twice a month up to 36 weeks and weekly until you give birth, equally you will feel an enormous benefit from a massage as often as you would like.

Are there times when I shouldn’t have a pregnancy massage?

We can offer you a massage anytime after 14 weeks pregnant up to giving birth. We advise you to check with your midwife that you are ok to go ahead. If you have health concerns we would require a letter from your doctor or specialist before booking.

Is my bump massaged?

Your abdomen area is not usually massaged unless you request it. 

What oils will be used in my massage?

Your therapist will use an oil that is safe for pregnancy massage. Grapeseed oil is the most used oil for pregnancy massage.

Are there areas that shouldn’t be massaged?

Your bump is not usually massaged and there are some areas like the lower back where a lighter pressure will need to be used. Massage of these areas is still very beneficial.

Can I book a specific massage therapist?

Yes, of course. When you choose the massage treatment you would like to book, you are able to view profiles and reviews of all the massage therapists able to offer this service, and select your preferred therapist.

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