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Deep tissue is a well-used massage technique used for therapy and rehabilitation. Deep tissue massage therapists use slow deep strokes to treat the inner layer of muscle, making it the perfect massage for regular exercisers, athletes or to treat chronic pain and stress. 

Book with Little City Treat and have your massage choice, at late notice, and in the comfort of your own home. Our highly qualified and friendly therapists offer Deep Tissue Massage in Edinburgh and Deep Tissue massage in Newcastle.

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Deep Tissue Massage

Helps to treat muscle pain and improve stiffness, whilst also allowing you to unwind and relax and has benefits for both body and mind.

Both Swedish and deep tissue massage involves the therapist using hands to knead and loosen the muscles but deep tissue massage also uses elbows and forearms to apply more pressure to help to reduce the tension in the deeper muscles that are causing you problems, pain and tension. This is done in a way so as to not cause you too much discomfort and your therapist will tailor-make your massage treatment to allow it to also be relaxing if you choose. Also very beneficial when treating muscle and tendon injuries.

Regular deep tissue massage is recommended if you suffer from tension headaches, chronic back neck and shoulder tension, or from the negative posture effects of working at a computer to get the most benefit.

Deep tissue massage at home works well as having regular treatments can be fitted into your busy schedule more easily. Your expert massage therapist will bring everything they need to give you a professional treatment without the need to go anywhere.

What Our Customers Say

30-minute Deep Tissue

A 30-minute treatment is perfect for a tension relieving back, neck and shoulder massage or treating any specific area of the body in need of attention such as stiff legs after exercise or to relieve chronic pain. 


60-minute Deep Tissue

A 60-minute massage is great to loosen off the full upper body, or a back, neck and shoulder and the back of legs and feet so you don’t need to move and turn over at all, or could also be used for a full-body if you are short on time.


90-minute Deep Tissue

The 90-minute option is more suited to a full body treatment. A head and hand massage is often included and is great to feel you have had the full works.


Highly Qualified Deep Tissue Massage Therapists

All massage therapists are fully qualified and experienced in relaxing and therapeutic massage techniques to help you relax, unwind and ease those aches and pains. 

With our fully accredited and insured therapists, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality massage treatment in your home, hotel or Airbnb.

The Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage

Benefits for both physical and mental health, treating chronic pain, stiffness and stress very well for the times when a bit more than a relaxing Swedish/spa massage is required. Great for arthritis sufferers to help give a larger range of motion and aid sleep. Treats muscle sports-related injuries as well as helping relieve tight muscles from exercise. Increased levels of serotonin afterwards produce that happy feeling whilst also lowering heart rate and blood pressure.

What to expect from your massage treatment

Massage at home is wonderful as it means there is no rushing to get to your appointment and you are able to enjoy already being in your own space after your massage treatment.

Your therapist will do a thorough consultation before starting to discuss with you any particular area’s of tension and how you are feeling to then be able to prepare a tailor-made treatment for you.

During the massage, it’s great to try to allow yourself to unwind and immerse yourself in the wonderful experience massage is.

How to prepare for your massage

To prepare for your massage you may want to think about having a room ready that is warm and comfortable and has enough space for a massage bed, this would help but is not necessary as your massage therapist can make suggestions for where would be suitable. If you have time beforehand you could consider a warm bath to help your muscles start to relax and get more out of your massage treatment.

After your massage

Once your treatment has come to an end, your therapist will allow you to rise gradually, dress, and have a seat while everything gets packed away and then leaves you relaxing and gaining the added benefits of not having to go anywhere afterwards.

It’s normal to feel a little tender and sore the next day after your deep tissue massage, a little like how you feel after exercise, this is a positive side effect. Keeping well hydrated before and after your massage can help with this, as well as having a salt bath to reduce inflammation and avoiding exercise and relaxing as much as possible.

Deep Tissue Massage
Frequently asked questions

Does deep tissue massage hurt?

When done correctly a deep tissue massage should hurt a little yes, it can always be done in a way to work with your own pain tolerance level, but you may feel some discomfort during and after your massage. The therapeutic positive side effects of this massage are caused by successfully ridding the muscles from the built-up knots and tension.

How should I prepare for my home massage?

To get the most from your massage treatment we recommend using somewhere private and warm with enough room to fit a massage bed 6ft by 2ft, your therapist will provide everything that is required for this treatment. If time allows you could consider having a hot shower or bath to start the relaxing process. If you want to use your own scented candles/music/oil, please let your therapist know.

Can I book a specific massage therapist?

Yes, of course. When you choose the massage treatment you would like to book, you are able to view profiles and reviews of all the massage therapists able to offer this service, and select your preferred therapist.

I’m pregnant, can I book a pregnancy massage?

Yes, of course. We can offer prenatal massage anytime after 12 weeks pregnant and as long as you have no health concerns.

How often should I have a massage?

Depending on your lifestyle and individual needs, your massage therapist will be able to advise you on this after doing a consultation and massage treatment. A massage fortnightly or monthly is generally recommended to help maintain a healthy lifestyle but equally, you will feel the benefit of having a massage whenever you can. We would recommend a massage during periods of stress, after increased exercise or physical exertion, or just the times when life feels a bit more challenging.

What will happen during a massage booking?

A full consultation will be done before your massage and you will have a general chat to discuss areas to tailor your treatment including, the pressure you like; if you like to chat or have complete silence; and any particular areas of injury or muscle tension that should be given more attention. Your mobile massage therapist will leave the room to allow you to undress, down to a level that you are comfortable with, and get under the towel on the bed. Your therapist will then start your massage treatment and help you turn over under the towel as necessary. They will then let you know when the treatment is finished and you will then be given a few minutes on your own to rise slowly and dress. Your therapist then packs up and leaves you relaxing in comfort.

When should I have a massage?

Massage can be booked to have when you have some free time in your busy schedule or on a day you plan to relax. Book a last-minute massage treatment to have at the end of an unexpected challenging day or opt for a morning energising option to get you going. Massage can be tailor-made to suit you so please let your massage therapist know what you would like from your treatment in your consultation.

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