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Choose from a classic polish that is great for the weekend lasting up to 7 days, to long-lasting shellac gel polish. Our nail technicians & therapists choose their own high-quality nail brands to work with. Perfect nails can give you much more than a polished look, they give you a fresh dose of confidence.

Book with Little City Treat and have the manicure of your choice, at late notice, and in the comfort of your own home.

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Fabulous Fingernails

A wonderful beauty treatment for your hands, if you want your hands and fingernails to stand out and look on point then a regular manicure is a must as it gives the whole area the treatment it needs, ensuring nails are beautifully filed to a shape that you prefer, your cuticles gently pushed back and tidied, a relaxing hand massage also nourishes and hydrates your hands ensuring they stay lovely and soft and finally a perfect nail polish application.

Expert beauty therapists and nail technicians have been well trained to be very precise with their work and it makes a lot of difference having a professional manicure, the end results speak for themselves.

Having a manicure can feel very relaxing and pampering as well as helping you to express yourself with your nail polish colour of choice. Our hands are always on show, and people do notice them, having a regular manicure allows you to achieve a clean and professional look.

Choose a classic polish lasting up to a week, or gel nails and shellac around 2 weeks, both produce that beautiful long-lasting shine. Whether you choose to have a regular manicure to upkeep the results or also perfect for special occasions and holidays when you want to look your best or for just whenever you would like to give your hands some TLC.

Manicure With Classic Polish

A lovely classic manicure including nail filing, cuticle work, hand cream, and an application of classic nail polish. Classic polish is quick-drying, can last up to 7 days and can easily be removed yourself if required.

Prices from..£30

Manicure With Gel Polish

A lovely Gel manicure includes nail filing, cuticle work, hand cream, and an application of gel nail polish. Gel polish is instantly dry and lasts around 14 days. Nail technicians use their preferred brands of gel polish such as Shellac and Vinylux.

Prices from..£36

Highly Experienced Nail Technicians

Find experienced nail techs near you who can give you the perfect manicure treatment and in the comfort of your home, hotel or Airbnb. Look and feel your next with a luxurious manicure treatment.

Benefits of a professional manicure at home

Don’t run around to get to the nail bar for your regular nail appointment, having them at home makes upkeep very easy. There is no need to worry about going into your handbag to gets keys and risk chipping or smudging your fresh manicure. Not having to go anywhere and having your nails done at home, takes the stress away and saves you time.

What to expect from your manicure booking

Your expert nail technician will offer professional manicures at the standard you’d expect from the nail salon or nail bar. They can offer advice on which colour to go for and recommend a nail shape for you. You are welcome to have a try of shades if you are unsure which colour to choose.

How to prepare for your manicure

Your beauty therapist will bring everything they need, including clean tools, towels and a range of polishes. It’s a good idea to prepare somewhere comfortable with good lighting for you and your therapist to sit.

Manicure aftercare

For a classic polish application your nails will need around 10 minutes to dry afterwards, gel polish applications will be fully dry from the UV lamp at the end of your appointment. It is best to apply cuticle oil daily, between nail appointments, to help keep your nails nourished and hydrated. Avoid picking at your polish which can be tempting but your polish will not last as long and can also lead to damaging your nails. Don’t cut or file your nails especially if you have gel polish applied as it will cause them to split and chip. We also advise that you wear protective gloves for household chores.

Frequently asked questions

What is gel polish?

Gel polish is a nail polish that contains something called shellac. It is applied just like normal polish but requires a UV light to ‘cure’ them and allow them to dry and to keep up the long-lasting strength and shine they are known for. Because of this strength gel polish lasts longer on your nails before chipping and losing its shine. The brand Shellac is a well-known gel polish produced by the brand CND.

How often should I get a manicure?

Well, this does depend a little. The average upkeep of a gel manicure is 2 weeks as after this time the polish has grown out a little and can start to chip and/or peel, however, if your nails grow very fast, you have medium to long nails or if you like your polish to be always at its absolute best, then you’ll want to consider a weekly gel polish renewal. Equally, you can often stretch a gel polish manicure to a maximum of 3 weeks if needed. A classic polish application usually lasts around a week before needing to be renewed.

What brands do you use?

Therapists use their own preferred brands, you can view this on the therapist's profile at the time of choosing a therapist when booking an appointment.

How can I make my gel manicure last well?

  • Apply cuticle oil to the whole nail every day
  • Avoid filing your nails
  • Avoid solvent oils and hands in detergent/washing up water
  • Wear gloves for chores
  • Avoid too much chlorine/sun
  • Avoid picking at the polish
  • Book a professional removal after 3 weeks

Can I book a specific beauty therapist or nail technician?

Yes, when booking your appointment you will be able to select your preferred nail technician or beauty therapist.

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