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What Our Customers Say
Deep tissue massage

Deep Tissue Massage

For relief of aches, pains and tension or if you are after a higher level of relaxation or to ease stress. Concentrating on areas that need extra attention, the massage therapist will use various massage techniques, pressures, a range of motions and may use elbows, forearms, knuckles and fingers.

Prices from.. £30
Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

A wonderful lighter pressure relaxing massage, great for if you are new to massage, reduces stress and promotes a sense of wellness, great circulation boost and for feeling reinvigorated.

Prices from.. £25
Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage creates an amazing opportunity to create time to allow your body and mind to relax. After your 1st trimester, a pregnancy massage relieves back muscle and joint pain reduces swelling and stress. Carrying a baby can put a lot of strain on the body, while preparing for your newborn don't forget to look after yourself too.

Prices from.. £55
Sports Massage

Sports Massage

Improve performance or speed up recovery, a Sports Massage will manipulate your muscle and soft tissue, loosen joints, increase flexibility and help you feel and train better.

Prices from.. £55

Why Choose a Massage at Home?

  • Highly Qualified, Experienced & vetted therapists will come to your home or hotel.
  • Book online with last-minute on-demand availability.
  • No rushing to your appointment, you'll be relaxed from the start.
  • Being at home makes for a deeper relaxing experience and greatly prolongs the relaxation benefits.
  • Get £10 off your first booking with a massage therapist in Newcastle
  • You're busy, let us find time around you.

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Mobile Massage
Frequently asked questions

What preparations do you have in place for managing Covid-19?

We are very conscious of the importance of keeping both our clients and beauty professionals as safe as possible during the Coronavirus epidemic. We have put together a series of guidelines to ensure that all parties feel comfortable and safe during their appointment.

View our Covid-19 Guidelines page for more details.

How should I prepare for my home massage?

To get the most from your massage treatment we recommend using somewhere private and warm with enough room to fit a massage bed 6ft by 2ft, your therapist will provide everything that is required for this treatment. If time allows you could consider having a hot shower or bath to start the relaxing process. If you want to use your own scented candles/music/oil, please let your therapist know.

Can I book a specific massage therapist?

Yes, of course. When you choose the massage treatment you would like to book, you are able to view profiles and reviews of all the massage therapists able to offer this service, and select your preferred therapist.

I’m pregnant, can I book a pregnancy massage?

Yes, of course. We can offer prenatal massage anytime after 12 weeks pregnant and as long as you have no health concerns.

How often should I have a massage?

Depending on your lifestyle and individual needs, your massage therapist will be able to advise you on this after doing a consultation and massage treatment. A massage fortnightly or monthly is generally recommended to help maintain a healthy lifestyle but equally, you will feel the benefit of having a massage whenever you can. We would recommend a massage during periods of stress, after increased exercise or physical exertion, or just the times when life feels a bit more challenging.

What will happen during a massage booking?

A full consultation will be done before your massage and you will have a general chat to discuss areas to tailor your treatment including, the pressure you like; if you like to chat or have complete silence; and any particular areas of injury or muscle tension that should be given more attention. Your mobile massage therapist will leave the room to allow you to undress, down to a level that you are comfortable with, and get under the towel on the bed. Your therapist will then start your massage treatment and help you turn over under the towel as necessary. They will then let you know when the treatment is finished and you will then be given a few minutes on your own to rise slowly and dress. Your therapist then packs up and leaves you relaxing in comfort.

When should I have a massage?

Massage can be booked to have when you have some free time in your busy schedule or on a day you plan to relax. Book a last-minute massage treatment to have at the end of an unexpected challenging day or opt for a morning energising option to get you going. Massage can be tailor-made to suit you so please let your massage therapist know what you would like from your treatment in your consultation.

Mobile Massage Services
Price List

60 Minute Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage uses slow deep strokes to target the inner layers of muscle, very beneficial for treating chronic muscle problems, strains, overworked muscles from sport or physical work, and muscle pain.

1 hour £55.00

30 Minute Swedish

A light pressure but very effective massage treatment that produces deep relaxation, relieving stress and tension, and a perfect sense of well-being. 30 minutes is ideal for a back, neck and shoulder area, but can be discussed in your consultation.

30 minutes £25.00

60 Minute Pregnancy

Very therapeutic for the mother-to-be, very energising, a good circulation boost, reducing swelling, tension, and aches and wonderfully promotes restful sleep. While preparing for your newborn don't forget to look after yourself too.

1 hour £55.00

60 Minute Swedish

Swedish massage using soft long kneading strokes, rhythmic and relaxing releases stress and tension from the body. Both relaxing and energising. 60 minutes is ideal for a soothing full body treatment.

1 hour £50.00

60 Minute Sports

Sports massage utilises deep tissue techniques not just for sports participants, can be used for treating sprains, strains and repetitive strain injuries, especially good at increasing range of movement. Ideal pre/post sport leading to enhanced performance.

1 hour £55.00

30 Minute Deep Tissue

A deeper pressure massage to concentrate on areas prone to aches, pains, stiffness and tension. 30 minutes is ideal for a back, neck and shoulder area, but can be discussed in your consultation.

30 minutes £30.00

90 Minute Pregnancy

90 minute Pregnancy massage creates an amazing opportunity to create time to allow your body and mind to relax. After your 1st trimester, a pregnancy massage relieves back muscle and joint pain, reduces swelling and stress. Carrying a baby can put a lot of strain on the body.

1 hour 30 minutes £75.00

90 Minute Deep Tissue

If you are particularly tense we recommend a 90 minute deep tissue massage. It can take time to reach these overworked muscles necessary for a fully efficient and effective treatment.

1 hour 30 minutes £75.00

90 Minute Swedish

If you like a 60 minute massage you'll love a 90 minute. For the times you need a bit more tlc. All the soothing benefits of a full body massage but also enough time to focus on specific area's of tension that need more attention and additional techniques but with still well enough time to complete a full top to toe treatment without it feeling rushed.

1 hour 30 minutes £70.00

Keeping You Safe

We take the safety of our clients and professionals very seriously and we are making sure that all mobile beauty services are carried out following current Government Covid-19 guidelines for close-contact services.

All mobile hairdressers, mobile beauty and massage therapists will wear full PPE during your appointment, and distancing and hygiene standards are adhered to at all times.

More information can be found on our Covid-19 Guidelines page.